From Crisis to Connection to Continuity

There are a number of benefits of being part of support group network. I personally believe that it is a network where one can find one’s strength and one’s voice. It’s an opportunity of being around a group of people who believe in you, who want the best for you, who look out for you and who will be there for you. A support group can also be a ground for personal development, inspiration, self-awareness and growth. Read more here –

Hope in the Midst of Crisis

I wanted to ask you what, and who gives you that glimmer of hope in the face of the Corona virus pandemic? What does hope look like to you? It may be a struggle to feel hope when we are hit with the daily news coverage of the rising number of fatalities emerging from this pandemic, which shows no signs of abating. Where is the hope when we see the streets empty and the scarcity of transportation on the road? Where is the hope when the general public are running away from each other, crossing the road and changing aisles to avoid contamination? Read more about hope in the midst of crisis in this blog –

Restoring Hope

If we were to sit down together for cup of tea or coffee one afternoon at a local café and you were to look into my eyes and ask me what is the one area which truly breaks my heart, I would respond to you with honesty and with great sadness that it is the increasing number of men in the last few years who have taken the decision to end their lives. It wrenches my heart to wake up daily to the news report that a man whether famous or non-famous, rich or poor, young or old, employed or unemployed has killed himself. There is hope…. Read more in this blog.

We need you.

As an advocate of suicide prevention, one of my core desire is to provide support and ensure safety for men who are struggling with thoughts of suicide and men who are suicide attempt survivors. Why is this personally an area of focus for me? Great Britain has the highest number of deaths by male suicide. According to the following quote extract from the Office of National Statistics — The UK male suicide rate of 17.2 deaths per 100,000 increase from the rate in 2017. Scotland had the highest suicide rate in GB with 16.1 deaths per 100,000 persons (784 deaths), followed by Wales with a rate of 12.8 per 100,000 (349 deaths. I wanted to understand why this was the case. One of the key factors which drives men to the brink of despair was a traumatic divorce or break-up of a relationship, which causes great distress and has impacted him greatly both emotionally, physically, spiritually and psychologically. To read more, click on this blog link –