saving lives – restoring hope

Welcome to Choosing Safety

Choosing Safety is a faith-based organization dedicated to amplifying hope for men from all walks of life, who are battling brokenness, depression, anxiety and suicide.

By raising awareness and providing access to training, resources, and prayer, we inspire hope, reduce stigma and help prevent suicide. Recovery is possible and help is available.

boat deck railing with lifebuoy

We promote Connectedness

Whether through our social media platforms, or online courses, Men Choosing Safety believes that having a support network is key for any man battling mental illness.

We enhance your Care

We care. Men Choosing Safety will provide the tools & resources needed to improve men’s internal coping and resilience through self-care.

We inspire Confidence

Men Choosing Safety is devoted to helping men to see the importance of life and teach them to understand their self-worth and value in the eyes of God.